CANCELLATIONS | Any booking cancelled within 72 hours will be subject to the full agreed upon fee and any expenses incurred. This applies equally to no-shows. I reserve the right to make special exceptions – such as accepting half of the fee – especially if we reschedule concurrently.

WEATHER | Unfortunately I have no control of the weather, thus I expect you to have a contingency plan in place for location work – should the weather prevent or limit us in conducting the shoot. It is also fine not to have one such contingency plan, as long as you are aware that any cancellations or postponements based on weather conditions will be subject to my usual policy. 

LEVELS | I work to a tasteful, artistic implied nude. This, in the bluntest sense, means 1. No nipples or areola and 2. No vagina, public hair, or region, should be visible in any final shots. If you are unsure whether something falls within my limits, please discuss this with me prior to the shoot. The nudity should have an artistic intention and be required to achieve the shot.

During a booking

TOUCHING | Please do not, at any time but especially when I am in a vulnerable position, touch me in any way, unless I have asked for or invited it. As this is my full time job, I am very used to making minute adjustments, and I can usually handle them myself. 

LEVELS | I will always to the best of my ability pose naturally within my own limits and make sure nothing is on show. However I appreciate your assistance in letting me know if something is visible that should not be. 

MEALS |  If we work through a significant number of hours surrounding any major meal times, I will bring along with me something light to eat quickly in one of our breaks. Though I do bring my own food typically, you are more than welcome to be extra kind and provide any healthy vegetarian food or drink as many lovely people have done in the past. This is as much for your benefit as mine – do you want to hear my tummy rumbling with each click of the shutter? Haha. That said, it is never expected, and I will always eat outside of shoot times where possible.


LEVELS | If there are any pictures in which any of the aforementioned no-no’s can be seen, you are more than welcome to photoshop them. If this is not possible, I ask that these pictures be deleted and never, under any circumstances, shared in any way.

ATTRIBUTION |  Please do always tag and name “Ria Fantastic” in any images we have produced together that get shared with the wider public, either on websites, social media, print, or otherwise. I reserve the right to ask you not to identify me in any image if I do not like the way that it represents me.

RIGHTS | Unless we have made another arrangement, I release my rights to the images we have made and you are free to use them in any way you like, as long as it is not defamatory to myself. With the photographer’s blessing and permission, I occasionally use photos from paid shoots and credit the photographer as needed.